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National Agency for Administrative City Construction

We are constructing a world model city representing the 21st century Dynamic Korea.
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    • Welcome to National Agency for Administrative City Construction

      Although cities have always been the loci of economic productivity and social advancement, going forward a more human-oriented and environment-friendly city is widely sought and desired by people around the globe.

      The Administrative City, situated in the middle of the Republic of Korea, hopes to be the city where everyone wants to come and live in. This City with completion due in 2030 will be an internationally recognized planned city.

      With vast green and water spaces reaching more than half of the city area, the Administrative City will accommodate self-sufficient functions such as administration, culture, education, research, medical care, welfare, and high-tech industry.

      The character of the City is in its sustainable development plan to improve the long-term social and ecological health of the city. We plan efficient land use, less automobile use yet better access, good housing and living environments and a sustainable economy. In the process of realizing this plan, we value the power of community participation and preservation of local culture and wisdom.

      We invite you to be part of this ideal city. Join us in making today’s dream into tomorrow’s reality.

      Thank you.

      LEE Wonjae
      National Agency for Administrative City Construction

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    • Name  :   Lee Wonjae Year of Birth :  1964 Place of Birth:  Chungju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do Republic of Korea


      MSc in Economics, University of York, UK
      Master of Public Administration, Seoul National University
      Bachelor of Business Administration, Seoul National University
      Woon-ho High School


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      National Agency for Administrative City Construction
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      May 2015
      Office of the President
      Secretary to the President for Land, Infrastructure and Transport
      May 2015 -
      May 1987
      Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Various positions from deputy director to director
      general level in the fields of land, housing, balanced development, etc.
      Feb 2015 -
      Aug 2012
      Embassy of Republic of Korea to China
      Aug 2000 -
      Aug 1999
      Province of British Columbia, Canada


      Service Merit Medal
      Presidential Citation
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