SEJONG A National Agency for Administrative City Construction

National Agency for Administrative City Construction

We are constructing a world model city representing the 21st century Dynamic Korea.



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  • 2013
    • 01. 31
      Construction of Sejong Office of Education starts.
      04. 18
      Construction of the Presidential Archives starts.
      05. 02
      The Sejong Lake Park opens.
      05. 23
      The Administrative Support Center opens.
      07. 15
      Walking trails on Jeonwol Mountain and Wonsu Mountain are open to the public.
      08. 27
      Community Center in Zone 1-5 is completed.
      12. 12
      The National Library of Sejong opens.
      12. 18
      Community Center in Zone 1-2 is completed.
      12. 29
      Phase 2 relocation to Government Complex Sejong is completed.
  • 2012
    • 03. 27
      The Center for Very Long Baseline Interferometer (VLBI) is completed.
      03. 31
      Road expansion to connect the MAC and Yuseong in Daejeon is completed.
      07. 01
      Sejong Special Self-governing City inaugurates.
      09. 15
      The Office of Prime Minister relocates into the Government Complex Sejong.
      11. 23
      Road to link the MAC with Jeongan Interchange opens for traffic.
      12. 27
      The Government Complex Sejong is officially completed.
  • 2011
    • 01. 06
      "MAC Cultural Excavations List 2010" is published.
      01. 14
      Design for Presidential Archives is offered for competition.
      02. 15
      MACCA, KAIST and LH sign a memorandum of understanding for a KAIST campus in Sejong.
      03. 08
      Executive design for national library is offered for competition.
      03. 15
      MACCA, Korea Ship Safety Technology Authority (KST) and LH sign a memorandum of understanding for a KST head office in Sejong.
      03. 18
      MACCA and Cultural Heritage Administration make an agreement to digitize heritages.
      03. 22
      Government employees of MACCA vow to preserve high integrity.
      03. 30
      Officials gather to ensure safety at construction sites and launch Safety Watch program. (MACCA, Daejeon Employment and Labor Authority, LH, etc.)
      12. 26
      move in to the First Town Apartment (2,242 homes).
  • 2010
    • 01. 11
      Development strategy for Sejong is announced.
      01. 12
      Eunhasu Cremation and Park opens for public.
      01. 14
      MACCA buildings model environment-friendly lights using LED.
      02. 22
      Tenant farmers receives orientation sessions.
      03. 04
      Resident Employment Center opens.
      03. 23
      Development strategy for Sejong proposes revision to the Special Act on the Multifunctional Administrative City Construction to the National Assembly.
      03. 26
      MACCA signs an MOU with KAIST for online electric vehicle use.
      04. 08
      Government employees of MACCA vow integrity.
      04. 30
      New buildings are added to the Sungnam High School.
      05. 28
      MACCA makes an MOU with Korea Western Power Co., Ltd for solar plant project.
      06. 14
      Administrative Information System is upgraded to a more sophiscated version.
      06. 22
      Proposed revision is voted down by the land, transport & maritime affairs committee.
      06. 23
      MACCA is recognized for its commitment to gender equality.
      06. 29
      Proposed revision is voted down by the National Assembly.
      07. 12
      Temporary detour route is made to the Roue 1.
      07. 16
      Hangbok Apartment (1-4, 500 units) project is approved.
      07. 22
      Construction starts for an astronomical interferometry system (Very Long Baseline Interferometry).
      07. 30
      Integrity Ombudsmen are appointed.
      08. 20
      Government relocation plan is confirmed to move 36 federal government bodies and 14 governmental research institutes to Sejong.
      09. 13
      Construction for community center at First Town is open for competition.
      09. 17
      Hangbok Apartment (1-4, 500 units) project starts construction.
      09. 17
      Revised MACCA Decree changes the organization structure.
      10. 01
      Construction starts for the Blue-Green Network.
      10. 20
      First two municipal cultural properties are announced.
      10. 25
      "Sejong Towards a Great Design City" is published.
      10. 25
      Construction starts for 10 government bodies including MLTM.
      10. 29
      First Town apartments (1,582 units) are offered for sale.
      10. 30
      MACCA and Eminata sign an MOU for global university town.
      11. 03
      Original residents are provided with opportunities to buy lands at lower prices.
      11. 18
      Green guidelines introduce strategies for less CO₂and more renewable energy use.
      11. 22
      Construction starts for Hangbok Apartment (500 units).
      11. 29
      MACCA and KERIS build an agreement to model a "future school" in Sejong.
      12. 14
      Central Park in Sejong receives barrier-free certification.
      12. 21
      Automatic alert system is built to prevent uncontrolled excavation.
      12. 27
      Special Act for Sejong Special Self-governing City is enacted.
      12. 31
      Construction starts for community center at First Town.
  • 2009
    • 03. 17
      Original residents are trained for new job skills.
      03. 25
      Environment Forum is held for green Sejong.
      03. 27
      Milmaru observation tower opens to public.
      03. 30
      Construction kicks off for First Town apartments.
      04. 08
      Officials at MACCA vow commitment to integrity.
      04. 09
      MACCA makes an agreement with a social welfare charity (Community Chest Korea) for contribution.
      04. 18
      Public are invited to run a marathon at Sejong.
      06. 12
      Geum River restoration project kicks off.
      06. 18
      Construction contractors and stakeholders gather for dialogue.
      06. 23
      Construction starts for road connecting Sejong and Jeong-an interchange.
      07. 02
      MACCA receives gender equality award from Prime Minister.
      07. 08
      Telecommunication contractors make partnership agreement.
      07. 27
      Urban management plan for peripheral area is put on notice.
      09. 10
      Winners of national library design are announced.
      09. 25
      Volunteers are officially titled as Green City Sejong Supporters.
      10. 01
      Sejong becomes test bed of intelligent land mapping project.
      10. 21
      MACCA appoints 14 committee members.
      11. 05
      Sejong City Government Planning Office kicks off.
      11. 16
      Government and private sector build a joint committee.
      12. 23
      Construction of builings to support peripheral area is completed.
      12. 30
      MACCA applies for patent on CO2 capture and monitoring system.
      12. 30
      Construction starts for First Town apartment in 2nd stage (4,728 units).
  • 2008
    • 02. 15
      Held the Symposium to make a City for Women’s Happiness
      02. 28
      Selected the work for the master-plan of 3-1, 3-2, 4-1, and 4-1 living area
      03. 04
      Concluded the memorandum of understanding with KAIST
      06. 26
      An international symposium was held for the implementation of a low carbon emission, the MAC.
      08. 08
      The construction of the wide zonal road commenced.
      09. 03
      A memorandum of agreement (MOA) for the establishment of a tree garden was concluded with the Forest Agency.
      09. 29
      The prize-winning work was announced during the public city hall building design contest.
      The construction of government office buildings commenced.
  • 2007
    • 01. 19
      Announced the selected work from the international competitions for the central administrative town
      02. 02
      Designated the priority negotiation universities within the city (1st priority university : Korea University, 1st priority graduate school : KAIST)
      05. 15
      Held the ceremony of agreement and donation of the historical remains maintenance on consignment
      05. 22
      Ceremony for opening and entering the Changing Job Training Center (Wolsan Industrial Complex)
      06. 22
      Set up the plan to improve the Metropolitan transportation
      06. 29
      Applied the plan for the city, established the plan for the metropolitan city
      07. 04
      Held the advisory conference to make a city where women are happy to live
      07. 20
      Ground-breaking Ceremony of the MAC
      08. 28
      Announced the selected work of the international competitions for the central green space
      10. 30
      Designated the selected work of the international competitions for constructing plan of the apartment housing
      11. 26
      Concluded the memorandum of understanding with Korea University
      12. 17
      Concluded the memorandum of understanding with the Freiburg City Hall, Germany
  • 2006
    • 01. 01
      Opening MACC Agency
      01. 12
      MACC opening event
      01. 23
      Holding the 20th Compensation Promotion Committee
      01. 24
      Holding the First Administrative City Promotion Committee in 2006
      01. 25
      Holding an open seminar on realizing scheme of a future oriented high-information city
      01. 26
      Holding the First Meeting & enlarging reorganization of Headquarters for Land Speculation Countermeasures
      01. 27
      Establishment of Land Speculation Report Center
      02. 02
      Holding an open seminar on pre-environmental character check-up
      Organization of Livestock Farming Subdivision Commission at Compensation Promotion Committee
      02. 09
      Holding an open seminar on securing self-sufficient function
      02. 16
      Holding an open seminar on a future oriented welfare infrastructure
      02. 21
      Opening Multifunctional Administrative City Center
      Interview with the 1st prize winner(Perea Ortega, Andres) at 2005 international ideas
      Competition for the design of the Seoul Performing Art Center
      02. 26 ~ 27
      Holding Inhabitants' Meeting for Discussion (total 5 cases)
      02. 28
      Holding an open seminar on urban landscape construction
      03. 02
      Holding an open seminar on advanced education infrastructure
      03. 07
      Holding an open seminar on arrangement of public institutions
      Announcement of general support countermeasures for the low-income citizens
      Holding the 21st Compensation Promotion Committee
      03. 09
      Holding an open seminar on construction of culture infrastructure
      05. 03
      The Master Plan for the Multifunctional Administrative City Construction is unveiled
      07. 27
      Invited the public to join in a prize contest for naming of the city
      07. 31
      Decided the basic plan of the construction
      09. 01
      Announced the selected work for the international planning of the first town
      11. 29
      Decided on the developing plan for the Multifunctional Administrative City
NAACC 11, Doum 6-ro, Sejong-si, Republic of Korea 339-012