SEJONG A National Agency for Administrative City Construction

National Agency for Administrative City Construction

We are constructing a world model city representing the 21st century Dynamic Korea.

Organization of NAACC

The NAACC has 155+ employees, including Administrator, Vice Administrator, four bureaus, supporting divisions and teams. Employees of the NAACC are from various government ministries and local governments to maximize cooperation among diverse fields such as environment, economy, education, culture, technology, urban planning, transportation, and so on.

  • Chairman
    • Spokesperson's Office
    • Deputy Chairman
      • urban Architecture Bureau
        • urban Development Policy Division
        • urban Design Division
        • Housing & Architecture Division
      • infrastructure Bureau
        • Project Coordination Division
        • Transportation Planning Division
        • Environment & Disaster Prevention Division
        • information Infrastructure Division
          • General Services Division
          • Planning & Budget Oggice
          • Government Complex Relocation Support Office
          • Seoul Office
      • Territorial Policy Office
        • Residents Support Division
        • Regional Development Divison
        • Education & Welfare Division
NAACC 11, Doum 6-ro, Sejong-si, Republic of Korea 339-012