SEJONG A National Agency for Administrative City Construction

National Agency for Administrative City Construction

We are constructing a world model city representing the 21st century Dynamic Korea.

Administrative Support

We will deregulate administrative obstacles so that foreign investors can enjoy more favorable business circumstances. We eliminate the red-tape routine to make it happen.


  • Inquiry on Investment
  • Letter of Intent
  • Investor Credit Check
  • Submission of Business Plan
  • Investment Review
  • Contract (MOU)
  • Land Purchase
  • Government Permit
  • Commencement of Project / Business


Tax Benefits

location table
Tax Exemption Condition
Corporate tax or income tax
upon technology transfer
100% for 5 years High-technology project
National tax Tariff 100% for 5 years
(1 more year upon request to
Ministry of Strategy and Finance)
Imported capital goods
100% for 5 years
50% for 2 more years
Manufacturing: over USD 30 million
Tourism: over USD 20 million
Logistics: over USD 10 million R&D: over USD 2 million
Income tax 100% for 3 years
50% for 2 more years
Regional tax Acquisition tax
Registration tax
Property tax
100% for 3 years
50% for 2 more years

Cash Grant

Eligibility: Start-up or expansion of plant or research institute in fields related to industry support services or high technology

Land Lease

Provide reduced price for long-term land/property lease when the leased property is government- or public-owned
NAACC 11, Doum 6-ro, Sejong-si, Republic of Korea 339-012